Thananit Suntiviriyanon

Thananit Suntiviriyanon

Thananit Suntiviriyanon is a microstock author from Thailand. He already has been a photo and video contributor for 10 years and is also the founder and owner of the Facebook fan page “PIXSTOCKPHOTO”,  which is the biggest stock photo community in Thailand.

Could you tell us about your beginning in the microstock sector? What drove you to work as a content creator on sites?

I started out as a contributor or author in 2012. At that time I just felt like taking pictures and it’s amazing to be able to make money too, even if it is a small earning. After a certain time, I made it a career and of course, the income is better than the full-time employee that I have been doing for 10 years.

Why did you decide to start working with Vecpho?

I saw it as an opportunity to be able to earn more, and I took it even though it is very new. In Thailand, which is what we know, if we start first, we succeed first. I will continue to recommend Vecpho to Thai authors because I have a sharing society in Thailand via Facebook page PIXSTOCKPHOTO.  Vecpho is a valuable company that gives me the opportunity to make more benefits and also gives me opportunities with my occupation of Thai people.

Which are your preferred sites to work? Why?

Any site that Vecpho recommends and offers me as a new deal is a good option. Another one of my favourite sites to work on is Canva.

What kind of content gives you a higher percentage of benefits?

People, background, cover page, banner, conceptual…

Our objective is to promote authors’ portfolios on sites and save them time on negotiations. Do you feel that, since you work with Vecpho, you get better deals for your portfolio in an easier way?

It has contributed to a higher quality and quantity with a variety of content. Also, I have best sellers on every site that I have. Note: I have more than 20,000 photos in my portfolio.

After some years working as a contributor in the microstock sector, which services do you think should be implemented in the upcoming years to make the job easier for authors?

Easier procedures and support in the submit process, keywording process… It means that the author does not need to concern and work on the limitation of the title/keywords which have differences on each site.

At Vecpho we are trying to create a community and reach out to social media and websites where the main topic is the daily work of microstock content creators. Which social media do you usually use to discuss aspects related to microstock?

Just Facebook groups or Facebook fan pages. It would be great if Vecpho have a special community which includes all authors who are working with Vecpho and can announce and discuss in two-way communication, for example, Line group, Discord or Facebook group.

You have a solid background in the microstock industry, so what advice would you give to people starting in this business?

Try to set aside your anxiety and not be afraid of looking and trying every new opportunity. This is what differentiates the people at the top of the pyramid who are fewer, from the people at the bottom of the pyramid.

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