Alex Halay

Alex Halay

His experience at Vecpho

Alex Halay is an experienced photographer from Belarus. He has a solid background in the photo and video industry and has been working with Vecpho since some time ago. The opinion of our clients is important for us, so we decided to ask him about his experience with Vecpho.

How long have you been working with Vecpho?

I have been working with Vecpho for more than two years.

Is it easy for you to work with Vecpho? Was it simple to start collaborating with us?

Collaborating with Vecpho seemed very simple to me. Vecpho wrote to me, we discussed for some days, signed the contract and after a couple of weeks they helped me to close my first deal.

Do you usually get better deals since you work with us?

All the big deals were gotten with help of Vecpho. I have never received similar offers.

How is the quality of the customer service at Vecpho? Do they solve your problems/questions in a fast way?

Also, if I have any quotations or I need help I always get help from Vecpho. All the problems with which I faced Vecpho helped me to solve them. I realized that Vecpho is always on the contributor’s side.

Which are your expectations in the mid/long term working with Vecpho?

To tell the truth, I cannot even imagine that Vecpho could provide me so many deals. My expectations were met many times over.

Do you feel that your portfolio has increased its value since you work with Vecpho?

Undoubtedly. I have started to work harder and harder since I started working with Vecpho. It stimulates me. The more new photos the more potential new deals Vecpho can offer me.

Do you think that Vecpho brings value to your portfolio?

Sure, in addition to Vecpho finding new proposals for my portfolio, my portfolio is spreading and more people see my photos.

Why would you recommend Vecpho?

I would recommend Vecpho for those people who want to safely increase their earnings. They helped me to make more than 3 deals and I could only dream about it.

What do you like the most about Vecpho?

I was impressed that Vecpho promised to provide a lot of deals, did everything possible for this and kept their promise.

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Alex Halay
Alex Halay

We interviewed Alex Halay, one of the most successful microstock...