Vecpho Ambassador

What is an ambassador?

This is a program that goes beyond the referral program, where you can earn $100 to $200 for each author. 

As Vecpho author, you can get the chance to bring new vecpho to Vecpho. The ambassador will receive from $100 (portfolios between 5,000 and 10,000 resources) to $200 (portfolios with more than 10,000 resources) for each author who signs with Vecpho and closes an economic offer with a bank of graphic resources.

Vecpho Ambassador's Responsibilities

You must spread it on social networks, as well as support Vecpho in different actions.

Have personalized meetings with authors who are potential Vecpho clients to resolve questions about any issue related to Vecpho.

Regularly recommend new authors to be represented by Vecpho. Authors must have a specific type of resources and/or have a previously agreed upon minimum quality.

Should We Start?