Stock Media International Meeting

Bangkok 2023

กรุงเทพมหานคร 2023



Due to technical and personal reasons, Stock Media International Meeting has had to be postponed. We will keep you informed of the new date as soon as possible.

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Vecpho has created the first international meeting for people who work in stock media sector.

Stock Media sector has generated more than 3 billion dollars in the last few years, but it´s really difficult to become a professional in this sector. 

We are trying to achieve better conditions for all microstockers in the world. With this event, we want show you how we can help you to achieve your dream. 

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Saturday 04th february

1 day event



4 speakers

Round table

If you assist in person, you have to buy a ticket, to confirm your assistance. During the event, you will receive a coupon with a discount for a premium software.

1 day event


4 speakers


Round table

If you assist in person, you have to buy a ticket, to confirm your assistance. During the event, you will receive a coupon with a discount for a premium software.


We have created a one-day event to show you a lot of opportunities and a new scenario for stock media.

Welcome pack, interesting presentations, top speakers, streaming option and an special discount. We have created this for you, to develop our ecosystem looking for a better future to Stock Media sector. 

Keep reading to discover how Vecpho helps you.

If you cannot go to bangkok, do not hesitate about that, we have streaming!

We know that come to Bangkok it´s not possible for all of you. That´s why the Stock Media International Meeting will be available via streaming. Just fill the form on this page, we will send you links and more information. It´s 100% free, join us in our streaming!

Join us in Bangkok, we will be there for you, stocker!

In Bangkok, we offer 150 seats in Gran Howard Hotel Bangkok. The event has been created for Stock Media Sector. Every presentation is planned to help you with your daily work. Futhermore, we offer to you a special discount in a premium software.


Álvaro García Cope

Founder and CEO Vecpho & MSGrowth

Prakasit John Khuansuwan

แก๊งสามขวด founder and CEO, Founder and CEO Johnstocker Photograph & Design

Carlos Torres Ugarte

Co-founder and CEO Microstock Growth

María Palma Castillo

Marketing Specialist at Vecpho




Our partner, Prakasit John Khuansuwan, will introduce all of you to the event.

Maria´s speak about how to apply growth hacking in stock media sector.

First coffee break.

Alvaro will talk about Vecpho, explaing what it is, how it works, etc.

Lunch break at the hotel.

Carlos Torres Ugarte´s conference about how Microstock Growth may help stock media authors

Second coffee break.

A few experts, stockers and event attendees will discuss about trends and the future of the sector.

End of the event.


Novotel Bangkok Sukhumvit 20. Klongton Bangkok 10110, Thailand.

Gran Howard Hotel Bangkok. 50 Charoen-Raj Road Bangkhlo Bangkorleam Bangkok, Thailand 10120

With +60M resources, Vecpho helps you to increase your profits by acquiring better contracts with the best stock media sites.

join us in bangkok or with our streaming. We offer you a welcome pack and an announcement that could change the future of stock media.


You have two options in the registration form above this section. You have to choose hoy do you want to assist to our event: attend in Bangkok or attend via streaming. Once you have choosen your option, we will send you documentation and some advices.

Each presentation is set for a specific time. Please note that end times are approximate, depending on the progress of the event.

If you are a media organisation, please go to our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

The payment method for this event is Stripe, a simple and totally secure transaction. For streaming attendees it is free of charge.

A few minutes after your registration, we will send you a confirmation email and information about the event. In addition, as the event approaches, you will receive, via email, more information about it.

The Grand Howard Hotel Bangkok is accessible to all guests. There are no barriers to access to the event room.

We will record the event. Besides, you are allowed to film and share your own content about our event.

During the event we will provide a catering service including: lunch and two coffee breaks.

Streaming will be available from the start of the event. Once you have registered, you will receive the link to watch it from our website.

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