Artificial intelligence and microstock, what lies ahead?

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Table of Contents

Since the beginning of 2023 it seems that everything revolves around Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Creating photos, videos and writing texts, all this and more are capable of creating this kind of tools. Some content creators fear that their work could be replaced by this type of technology; however, although AI is here to stay, it still needs human supervision and creativity to deliver quality and provide value to the target audience.

In this post you will learn everything you need to know about Artificial Intelligence for microstockers.

The artificial intelligence boom

Until just a couple of years ago, Artificial Intelligence seemed like something out of science fiction movies. Today it is a reality of our daily lives and is increasingly integrated into our lives as a support tool for content creators.

Like any other tool, AI for content creators can facilitate tasks such as content generation, editing and formatting, but it will be the creativity of microstockers and creators that will provide the quality and value of the resources.

The launch of the startup Chat GTP has been what has put artificial intelligence on everyone’s lips in recent weeks. This chat is created to have conversations through easy questions. Its simple, everyday language has allowed it to differentiate itself among other companies that fulfill the same functions.

In addition, the popularization of Lensa AI within Instagram has given much to talk about in recent days with the creation of avatars and portraits of great quality. This application was born as an image editor, but its popularity came a few days ago with its new function to create avatars from selfies taken with our smartphone.


In which fields can artificial intelligence be applied?


The greatest potential of artificial intelligence is the learning that this technology generates. We can see this very well in the creation of photographic resources from artificial intelligence, the ability to train and learn with use.

Do you know computational photography? They are digital techniques that through the use of specific algorithms can create optical processes or special effects to improve the quality of photography.

Examples of the use of artificial intelligence in photography would be the focusing method that many smartphones already have and that is difficult to distinguish from professional portraits thanks to the recognition of elements of smartphone cameras.

In addition, the improvement of night vision has been one of the most acclaimed advances by users without knowing that this is also part of artificial intelligence.

Artificial-Intelligence-Microstock-AI (2)


As we already announced, Chat GTP has been the great revolutionary in recent months thanks to its text creation system through artificial intelligence. In addition, there are already other tools on the market such as GPT-2, Google BERT or even Canva’s new “creative writing” option.

All these text creators can be a great ally for creators as a source of inspiration and even save time by simplifying the writing process.

However, any text generated by artificial intelligence requires further editing and supersizing if it is to really add value for readers.


Video creation is a time-consuming task that requires a lot of work in organization, editing and editing. Therefore, it is one of the sectors that can be most influenced by artificial intelligence and, with a good use, can help many microstockers to expand their portfolios.

Some of the most popular artificial intelligence tools for video are rawshorts, synthesia or elai, among many others.

Many of these tools work from text to create videos through templates. In addition, creating custom and digital avatars or adding automatic translations for international marketing of the video.

How does it affect the microstock industry?

Economic impact

Undoubtedly, the use of these tools would mean an enormous saving of time in editing and retouching graphic resources. Therefore, microstockers will be able to have more time to think about their business strategies, content planning and editing, which will translate into increased revenue for their portfolios.

In addition, all the tools shared in this article are free to use.

Loss of value of the work done

As we have seen and analyzed, artificial intelligence helps in the generation and edition of content, but to create quality content that provides value to the end user requires a personal creative work of each microstocker.

Creativity, critical thinking and empathy are some of the values that no computer tool can provide, these tools will simply simplify the creative process.

Artificial-Intelligence-Microstock-AI | Vecpho

Can AI replace microstockers?

Although in some cases it is difficult to distinguish between assets created by microstockers and assets created through artificial intelligence, as mentioned above, individual creativity cannot be replaced by any technology.

It is difficult to answer this question, although it is true that more and more stock sites are betting on creating their own assets from artificial intelligence to test this technology and test its result among end customers.

Every time a disruptive technology has emerged, there is a panic that machines will replace the work of people. As has happened on other occasions, this technology, when used properly, can be very useful to facilitate the daily work of content creators.

Artificial Intelligence is changing the way many microstock professionals work by automating and simplifying their daily performance, especially in the image selection process.

Another way in which AI is helping many microstockers is through the use of image recognition algorithms to analyze images and tag them with the most relevant keywords.

Similarly, many stock sites are making use of this technology to classify images into specific categories to optimize user searches.

In short, Artificial Intelligence is improving the quality of many images by automating adjustments and corrections, thus facilitating the work of content creators.

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