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8 ways to monetize your portfolio

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Do you have a content portfolio and don’t know how to leverage it?

Maybe you have been working in Stock Media for years and you feel that your income is not growing as you would like.

At Vecpho we introduce you to new ways to monetize your portfolio that you may not have thought of until now:

1.- Join sites in your sector

Nowadays there are many stock sites where you can sell your graphic content. Photography, video, illustrations, templates or 3d models, no matter what your favorite graphic resource is, you will always find the best site to sell your microstock portfolio.

Currently, there are more than 30 stock sites and your portfolio doesn’t have to be on all of them. Each one has its own style and target audience, so Vecpho always recommends you to be only in those stock agencies where your resources have their maximum potential.

If you need help to identify the most interesting image banks for your portfolio or you don’t know how to sell your graphic resources, you can contact us and we will advise you.

2.- Tell your story

A portfolio of graphic content is much more than a collection of resources. It is a sample of the way each artist works and sees life.

How many photographs have you seen of the Eiffel Tower in Paris? How many of them different?

Portraying the same object or place from different angles, at different times of the year or in different light depends on the critical eye of each author.

Tell your story | Vecpho

In addition, the editing of each image or the stroke of a vector can be the hallmark of each microstocker.

As in any creative work, the Stock Media sector has a series of peculiarities in which each author must know how to differentiate himself in order to maximize his portfolio of resources.

Many photographers decide to travel the world while making a living from microstock. This makes it easier to expand their portfolio by portraying different corners of the world. At the same time, this passage through different countries and cities makes their portfolio speak of their history and the life they have chosen.

3.- Use your social networks to promote yourself

Social networks are a showcase for companies and artists. A communication channel between clients and a great opportunity to publicize your work as a microstocker.

Despite the bad reputation that some social networks have, there is no doubt that it is the greatest example of globalization, where there are no borders.

Through social networks you can make your work known to different stock sites or meet other microstockers looking for new business opportunities.

Synergy and collaboration are two of the opportunities offered by social networks.

It is true that this type of platform requires special care, especially to avoid plagiarism of files. In many cases, authors choose to upload part of their portfolio with a strategically placed watermark.

Similarly, when we least expect it, our social networks can become a source of inspiration for our work.

4.- Participate in congresses, exhibitions, etc.

The Stock Media sector is becoming more and more popular all over the world and, for this reason, more and more events related to the industry are being held.

At Vecpho we always encourage our authors to participate in these types of celebrations.

Participate in congresses, exhibitions, etc | Vecpho

Learning from the creators other ways of working, getting to know new image banks and making your work known are the main advantages of attending microstock events.

Have you considered exposing your work to the public?

Exhibiting part of your content portfolio and showing your artistic side can also be a good business opportunity for your resources.

5.- Apply it in merchandising

If your work is focused on illustration or vector design you can market some of your resources through merchandising products.

Bags, mugs, business cards or even pen-drives. Your vector designs can be present in all the products you can imagine and earn money through their sale.

This business avenue is not yet too exploited by creators, so it can be a good place to monetize your portolfio as microstockers.

6.- Keep in mind the most important days of the year

We have already talked about the importance of having a content calendar and working your portfolio with foresight and consistency.

Knowing the most important dates of the year and preparing all the content weeks in advance is a key point to increase your income as a microstocker.

Keep in mind the most important days of the year | Vecpho

To ensure your earnings in Stock Media, mastering the most commercial dates is a key step. You can’t forget that the main client of stock agencies are advertising agencies and marketing departments of large companies, that’s why it is so important to work with foresight to meet their needs.

Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Halloween or Black Friday are the main milestones for any microstocker who wants to make money with Stock Media.

7.- Follow trends, but differentiate yourself!

Keeping up with trends and knowing how to differentiate yourself at the same time is the challenge of any content creator.

Being faithful to your editing or design style is key for any microstockers who want to increase their income in Stock Media.

Like someone who identifies the songs of their favorite band by hearing the first guitar chords or is able to name a painter by seeing the stroke of his work, microstockers can also differentiate themselves by the way they create, edit content and capture the best moments.

Finding the editorial line that you like best, that represents your way of working and always following this path may be difficult at first, but as time goes by you will have it internalized when creating content for Stock Media.

8.- Diversify your monetization, more is better

Trying to monetize your portfolio on different stock sites and looking for different business opportunities for your resources is the goal of any microstocker.

It may seem complicated, but having good advice and letting yourself be advised by industry experts who will know how to guide you on this path makes everything much easier.

In this post we have given you the keys to sell your graphic resources beyond the most popular image banks.

Diversify your monetization, more is better | Vecpho

In addition, you can create new products from your portfolio or offer services based on your knowledge and experience and forge your own community of microstockers.

The Stock Media market is infinite and to make a living from it you will have to work with foresight, perseverance and being true to your own brand.

At Vecpho we help you to monetize your portfolio

These are some general tips to increase and to monetize your portfolio.

Key points to maximize your work and get the maximum benefits through them. If you still have doubts and would like Vecpho to represent your portfolio to reach more sites, here you will find more information.

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