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3 Ukrainian women microstockers of Vecpho

Table of Contents
Table of Contents

Who said that the world of photography was a man’s world? More and more women are joining this hobby and making the passion for creating content their profession.

The freedom to work in incredible places portraying different cultures and ways of seeing life. Letting your imagination run wild and unleashing your creativity and earning money for it. These are some of the main reasons why more and more people are selling their resources in image banks.

Today, on Women’s Day, we would like to name some of our most popular and highest-earning authors in recent years, all of whom are Ukrainian microstockers.

They are a fundamental pillar of Vecpho and their perseverance and way of working motivates us to continue giving our best as a representation agency for microstockers.

Leading women in the microstock industry

Mariia Markevich

From Ukraine, this artist portrays the beauty and naturalness of her models in different scenarios. Her portfolio is full of color, energy and vitality.

Her photos are the favorite of the main commercial sites, as many advertising agencies want to use them for large advertising campaigns.

This young Ukrainian has been working with Vecpho since the beginning of 2021 and, since then, we have closed numerous partnerships for her.

Markevich-microstocker-women | Vecpho

Svetlana Sokolova

Svetlana is also of Ukrainian origin and her creativity knows no bounds. Specializing in beauty and lifestyle photography, Svetlana knows how to capture the best of each of her models.

With idyllic landscapes and dreamy scenery, Svetlana captures the scenes that all stock sites desire and her portfolio is a clear reflection of lifestyle.

Proactive and hardworking, she is always willing to collaborate and give her best to improve and speed up the negotiations of her portfolio.

Svetlana-microstocker-women | Vecpho

Anastasiia Ishchenko

This artist began her professional career in Ukraine, her country of origin. With a modern, elegant and contemporary style, Anastasiia’s portfolio is one of the most desired by stock sites.

Able to transmit the freshness and energy of her models, Anastasiia knows how to capture the main trends of microstock and anticipate the needs of the sites.

Efficient, decisive and spontaneous, working with Anastasiia is always a pleasure for the Vecpho team and our main partners.

Ischenko-microstocker-women | Vecpho

Benefits of working with Vecpho

1.- Keep up to date with Stock Media trends and news

The Vecpho team is in direct contact with stock sites around the world on a daily basis. Therefore, we know their needs, what the final public is looking for and the main Microstock trends that we share with our authors.

In addition, we review each portfolio individually and promote each author on the sites that are related to their goals and values.

2.- Better negotiations

We have more than 300 authors in the Vecpho portfolio. This gives us a great bargaining power against stock sites so it is easier to get better deals than if an author tries to negotiate with an individual site.

In addition, we receive exclusive offers for our authors and we share and renegotiate with them according to the needs of our authors.

3.- Unique agreements

As we have already told you on other occasions, it is not enough to be a good photographer or the best graphic designer, you have to make your content count in a real way in order to make money as a microstocker.

Knowing how to sell and reach the right site, this is Vecpho’s main value proposition as a microstocker representation agency.

Vecpho’s ultimate goal is for microstockers to earn money, get better deals and make a living from their passion: content creation.

In addition, we seek to offer the best service to stock sites by offering them quality content and satisfying their main needs to increase their quality resources.

If you also want to boost your portfolio and earn money on Microstock you can contact us here.

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