How much does it cost to join Vecpho?

Vecpho Membership is free. As in, it costs nothing to be a member and get a Manager for free which one will make you a consultant through the strategy you can make with the distribution of your content.

What kind of content does Vecpho handle?

Vecpho handles professional grade stock vectors, icons, mockups, footage and photos.

We have plans to expand our capabilities soon to include other additional content. Our goal is to have a global community of content creators, making great content and don’t getting worried about how to negotiate for their amazing artworks with Stock Sites.

How do I get started?

First, you need to register (it’s free). Add the link of your portfolio in the different Stock Sites you already are working with, your full name and ID passport or national number. If you’re unsure of best practices for this, don’t worry. We’ll guide you every step of the way.

Vecpho members are pulling in steady good revenue right now. Dream big, work hard, make professional grade content, and trust the Potential of Vecpho.

Do I lose the rights to my content when I work with Vecpho?

No! We’re passionate about content creators retaining ownership over their work. Content ownership is the path to financial freedom in the modern economy – that’s why we built Vecpho! In fact, Vecpho will not own any content, only members can own content. That’s also the reason, Vecpho never gets the content of their users, only when it’s necessary to help the user in any deal and this one is who asks for it.

What Formats Does VecPho Accept?

Vecpho accepts any good quality content that is already uploaded in any Stock Site. However any resource could be VERY popular in different sites so don’t shy away from sharing with us. But only professional grade content will be accepted on the Vecpho’s partnership Stock Sites.

Is VecPho just another content «distributor»?

Nope. We are a community of content creators with our team of Managers who will help the artist, to make their best point, their ART.

We are “managing to get to many” platforms with the best economic and strategic distribution. We do not sell your content for you, instead we send your work to several online vendors that already do a great job of marketing and selling your content.

That’s the first part. The second is that we offer creators the ability to collaborate and “share” in the ownership of content. That way every collaborator gets paid automatically when the content sells. You own your «piece of the pie». Our managers will make the best for you and that will be a relationship where the goal is a WIN-WIN.

How does Vecpho make money?

We have a commision rate where you will be available to accept always knowing that the managers effort will be satisfied when you get a good deal which one satisfied yourself sharing your content in a Site. If you finally make a deal, you will get a payment for it, and after you receive your payment, transfer the fee to us for our satisfied services.

Who can join?

All experienced creators in photos, vectors, mockups, icons and footage are welcome!

If you play a role in any part of the content creation process, you can (and should) be a Vecpho Member.

This isn’t limited to only “production people.” Anyone or any entity that is part of the content creation process can be a Member and a contributor – including studios, freelancer, etc..

For example, if you’re an editor, you can take part in the process by editing/curating other members’ content and get a share of revenue.

Could I join a referral program where I share with my friends Vecpho?

Of course, we have a program where you can earn some extra money sharing our Agency of Managers to help your friends with their content. In the Collaboration Agreement you will join that referral program in detail.

What Agencies does Vecpho deal with?

We deal with dozens of the best Stock Sites, and we could make new partnerships with some Stock Sites you are interested in, if they accept our services.

What kind of content sells?

If you are a media creator and you think the photo is valuable, then somebody else will too. Anything can sell as long as it’s well crafted. We already sold vectors, photos, mockups, icons, videos, watercolors, and other kinds of similar content to them.

For example: People (with model releases), breathtaking locations, everyday things, industrial and business settings and processes, technology, nature. You get the picture.

That being said: go for something unique!

Pro tip: Think beyond the typical photo that would be seen on the front page of a stock photo site. Shoot multiple pics and be creative!

When and how do I get paid?

We process payouts via Payoneer & PayPal depending on the deals negotiated and confirmed with the Stock Sites. Some of them have exactly a period of time, other ones, depending when the payouts are available after confirming all the content is correctly uploaded.

Which kind of deals are possible?

In VecPho we have 3 different proposal offers:

  • Sell the full portfolio.
  • Sell a selection of resources depending on different styles or details.
  • Sell with an advance payment, getting future royalties.

These three ways are always depending on the goal of the Stock Sites. Some of them are more interested in one offer and reject the idea to make another one. That will be shared with the member of Vecpho the possibilities with their portfolio opportunities.

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